Land - Lot 21

The 192 acres (77.7ha), includes a separate 20.7.acres (8.4ha) of tidal creek access/frontage that has 9.8 ft (3m) at low Spring Tides. Ideal Cyclone mooring. This deep water creek runs into the Proserpine River on out into Repulse Bay. Proserpine River was used by cargo vessels back in the 1800s to transport sugar out. Has a very real potential for Aquaculture projects that State & Fed. Govt’s promotes. Full Conway Rd frontage extends along this portions eastern boundary. This separated portion could be split off onto a separate title.

Unique & spectacular views of 360 degrees that encompass the above plus overlook the mouth of the Proserpine River, Repulse Bay out to the off shore Whitsunday Islands. These surpass the present house site views. This could be a stunning house site second to NONE anywhere in the world. Present owner has traveled extensively world wide. Only sound is that of the breezes with the calls of a pair of Wedge Tailed Eagles that are now constantly around. This remarkable site is situated at the top end of plantation timber paddock on approx 500ft (152m) contour line.

The grazing country would consist of approx 170 acres with remainder of 20 acres forested with millable Blue Gums, Morten Bay & Liechardt.   Improved & established pastures of Rhodes, Signal with Guinea grass allow for diverse grazing. The steeper paddocks have been extensively terraced to allow ease of grazing & access for vehicles.       

A 30 acre paddock has been extensively terraced/benched for a plantation timber project that has an engineered designed gravity fed irrigation system. Terraces were constructed along the "Key Line" method of soil conservation with improvements.  The top end of this paddock is described above re house site.

The access road from present house to front entrance (650 m) has been concreted, the cattle grid completely renewed with unique Stone Wall entrance water blasted & sealed.                                          NO ongoing road maintenance required.

CS Paddocks Boundaries June 2019 1 Medium


2 Bay Machinery shed c/w conrete floor engineered/built to area cyclonic standards plus.  Constructed in 2017. Garages 20 t digger.

Decommissioned horticulture nursery business consisting of hot house, pump /potting shed, plus retractable shade cover/beds. All under timer reticulation, servicing ext. palm beds that catered up to 800 potted palms. Cuban Royals, Foxtails & Carpentarias to name but a few. Only the self cleaning varieties were propagated. The nursery includes extra inbuilt irrigation and electric wiring throughout, which makes future expansion possible.

Cattle numbers could be increased by further pastue improvements & selective tree thinning. Approx 90% of Lot 21 has established pasture, mainly consisting of Signal, Rhodes and Guinea grass.  The yards and paddocks have been designed for stud breeding purposes.

Established commercial orchards consisting of sweet Red Grapefruit, Mangos of R2 E2, Manzenalla with a few other varieties plus Rollinia Custard Apples. Area soil type/climate lends itself to other Citrus fruit as well. Grapefruit orchard is serviced by a 4.5 mill gallon spring fed dam with a gravity designed irrigation system. This dam was constructed for future plantation timber or aquaculture projects on northern side of property.

The dams are also designed for future Aquaculture projects re Red claw Crayfish & Barramundi.

Northern aspect of property is well suited for a number of viable options; orchards, plantation timber including Eco-Tourism that could be set into tropical rainforest along an inclined range all with rural views over Proserpine River Sth & West to the mountains. This tropical paradise of the Whitsundays is on the move, acreage properties such as Conway Springs are just not readily available, once purchased, they usually stay that way.